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An Ending Fit For Story Time

, , , , | Right | October 19, 2018

(I work for the local library. On one of my days off, I am doing my grocery shopping when a young boy comes running up to me. I recognize him from our storytimes. He was almost always disruptive and unruly. He acts no differently here:)

Boy: “ I know you! You’re from the library! That means you gotta be nice to me!”

Me: *in my very best apologetic-style library voice* “That’s right, I work at the library. And yes, when we’re at the library, we need to be nice to each other. But right now, we’re not at the library, are we?”

(I could see the wheels spinning for a second or two before he turned around and ran back the way he’d came, yelling “Moooommmmyyyyy!”)

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