An Electric Comeback

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(I am in my final semester of school after taking some time off. I’m taking an Earth-Keeping course, meant mostly for freshman, that I have put off taking. I’m a little older than the rest of the class and at this point, I am working two jobs and being a student. This class is not my top priority, but I am always respectful. Despite that, the professor seems to have a personal issue with me and will randomly ask me to answer obscure questions even though he never does this to anyone else. I don’t care; I just need a D to graduate. While we are on a class walk around campus identifying trees, a fellow student is asking me what the last tree is. I answer her. The professor shouts way too loudly:)

Professor: “Ms. [My Name], since you are feeling so chatty, why don’t you identify this tree?

(He was probably intending to point to the lovely Japanese Maple that was just planted but was instead pointing to a light pole.)

Me: “I don’t know. Americanus Electricus?”

(He got so red and embarrassed by the snickering class, and the dean that was also there to witness my one moment of sass. I rode that small, petty victory all the way to graduation.)

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