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An Effective Pyramid(Head) Scheme

| Related | June 15, 2016

(My sister and I have the exact same smart-phone model. The only difference between the two is some minor cosmetic damage from when our sibling dropped mine on the sidewalk. We’ll often grab each other’s phones by mistake, so we check the wallpaper to make sure we have the right one. I wake up one morning to hear my sister scream in surprise downstairs.)

Me: “What’s wrong? What happened?”

Sister: *shows me the wallpaper of my phone, which is a creepy Silent Hill monster pointing directly at you* “Seriously?!”

Me: “Oh, you saw my new wallpaper! Isn’t it amazing?”

(Not surprisingly, she put a flower sticker on the back of hers so that she could easily tell our phones apart and prevent that from happening again. I’m a little sad that I didn’t get to use the rest of my gallery of creepy, disturbing images just in case she picks my phone up again.)

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