An Education In How Not To Give An Education

| Learning | April 12, 2015

(At secondary school (high school), I get on okay with most lessons but never saw the point in PE. This added to the fact that the PE teacher is a bully, a known drug user (not ok to ask students to buy for you), and that he openly expresses his dislike of students (myself included). I grew up with a bad memory of the subject (and him). One day I see him when I am in the pub.)

PE Teacher: “Well if it isn’t ‘little’ [My Name]… You know, I never did like you much.”

Me: *dryly* “Charming.”

PE Teacher: “So what did you end up making of yourself?”

Me: “Actually I’m an engineer in [Large Aerospace Company].”

PE Teacher: “What, making the tea?”

Me: “Last month I picked my car straight of the forecourt and my brand new house was custom finished just for me. And for the record, I never did like you either.”

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