An Avalanche Of Incompetence

| Working | February 4, 2014

(I am 11 years old. I’m going skiing for the first time. We get everything that we need and start skiing. I’m having trouble slowing down and turning. I weigh only 75 lbs.)

Sister: “It was weird that your skis weren’t stopping and slowing down.”

Me: “Yeah, but maybe you would know what skis are easier to control.”

Sister: “Well, actually, I wouldn’t. But I will ask the lady up at the ski rental for some better skis for you.”

(My sister and I walk up to the ski rental.)

Sister: “Excuse me? Ma’am?”

Employee: “Yes?”

Sister: “My little sister had trouble turning and stopping out on the slopes. Also when she was clipping her boots into the ski, she had to try multiple times. Do you have any idea why?”

(My sister hands the lady my skis.)

Employee: “How tall is your sister?”

(Note: when you are renting skis, you need to fill out a form stating your name, height, weight, and other various information.)

Me: “I’m 4’9″.”

Employee: “These skis were too long for her. How much does she weigh?”

Me: “I weigh 75 lbs.”

Employee: “The clip was for somebody who weighs 120-150 lbs.””

Sister: “So you read the form she filled out, ignored it, and gave her skis that were for someone who weighs double her weight and for someone taller? You do realize that she could have seriously hurt herself because you were too lazy to read the form?”

Employee: “So? You should have been watching her better!”

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