An Authorized Idiot, Part 2

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Masks are mandatory in public places. At the supermarket, a customer comes to see me by making gestures.

Customer #1: “There is a young person who has put his mask on incorrectly.”

Me: “Where?”

Customer #1: “In the breakfast section.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll call security.”

Customer #1: “You can’t do anything?”

Me: “No, I can’t move from my checkout and the breakfast aisle is far away.”

One of the security guards sees the guy waving and looking angry and comes in.

Security Guard: “Is there a problem?”

At that moment, the guy who put his mask on badly approaches the exit without shopping.

Customer #1: “He put his mask on wrongly.”

The security guard points out to the other customer that his mask is put on incorrectly, but the customer doesn’t care and the security guards can’t do anything.

Customer #1: “But he hasn’t put his mask back on properly.”

Security Guard: “Yes, we couldn’t do anything as he was leaving the store.”

Customer #1: “What do you mean, there was nothing you could do? Can’t you fine him?”

Security Officer #1: “No, we don’t have the same authority as the cops.”

Customer #1: “Ah! You have no authority!”

He takes off his mask and holds it in his hand.

Security Officer #1: “But you are still in the store; you put your mask back on.”

Customer #1: “No! You have no authority!”

He started hopping and dancing in the aisle, still without his mask on.

An Authorized Idiot

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