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An Attentive Attendant

| Right | April 27, 2017

(I start ringing up my items at the self-serve checkout when I notice that the first couple of items aren’t showing a discount. I press the attendant’s button.)

Me: “Hi, could you take these items off please? I need to double check the price; I thought they were 2 for $10.”

Attendant: “Sure, just leave them up on top and ring up the rest of your items.”

Me: “Oh… okay” *I head back into the store*

(After checking the price and seeing I had the right brand I went back to the checkouts. I scan the items and press the attendant’s button.)

Me: “Sorry, but these are supposed to be 2 for $10.”

Attendant: “I’ll fix that for you.” *starts adjusting price*

Me: “Oh, you are actually taking my word for it and not checking. Thank you.”

Attendant: “Yeah, seeing that you went and checked for yourself instead of making me do it. It’s only $4; this multi-million dollar company isn’t going to miss it. Anyway, they’ve probably not discounted one flavour. It’s the not the first time.”

Me: “Yeah. One time I was buying a pair of discounted shoes and was told that the size I wanted wasn’t on sale.”

Attendant: “Yep, figures. They do it all the time.”

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