An Application Of Stupidity

, | Learning | February 3, 2015

(I work for the admissions office at my college. One day, a girl comes in screaming that she had never heard anything from us regarding her application.)

Me: “Okay, I’ll check our system and see what’s happening to your application.”

Angry Girl: “Yeah, you better, and I want a discount on my course since you’ve put me through all this trouble.”

Me: “Well, looking at the system we have no record about your application. Can you tell me when you applied and for what course?”

Angry Girl: *pulls application form out of her purse and tells me the info*

Me: “Excuse me, but you actually have to hand in the application for us to process onto the system. If you’ve had it in your purse we would not know you wanted to apply.”

Angry Girl: “WHAT?!”

Me: “Well, if you complete an application but leave in in your bag, how are we to know you want to apply? We need you to actually give the form to us so we can process it. So, it looks like the reason you never heard from us is because you never actually sent in your form.”

Angry Girl: “That’s not good enough! You should KNOW that I wanted to apply!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but like I said, if you don’t send in your form we would have no way of knowing you wanted to apply. However, I’ll take your form now and process it straight away.”

(I tried to take the form off the girl. She refused to let go of the application and stormed out of the office, still with the form in hand. The course she wanted to do? Business Management.)

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