An Appalling Amount Of Appalling

, , , , , | Right | March 11, 2020

(I am a cashier. A customer comes up and I ring out his items without any problem. He hands me a $100 bill and, as company policy states, I hold it up to the light to check for counterfeit.)

Customer: “I am appalled!”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: *look of disgust* “You just looked at that bill like it was fake!”

Me: “Well, company policy says that I have to check all large bills for counterfeit. We’ve had issues with it recently.”

Customer: “I know you’re just doing your job, but I am appalled.”

Me: “Um… Okay. Well, I apologize for offending you.”

Customer: “No, you’re just doing your job. But I am really appalled.”

Me: “Have a nice day, sir.”

Customer: *walks out shaking his head* “I am just appalled.”

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