An Animal That Controls Detentions

| Learning | April 29, 2017

(Our school is known be being very wacky and lenient towards our seniors. For reasons unknown, all the seniors decide to do a sort of “themed day.” For example, one year, everyone would dress like an animal, and another year, they would all wear all black. For some reason, this year is tourist and they are all walking around campus pretending to be a group of foreigners. This occurs when the entire group walks into a classroom where the teacher is widely hated by both students and staff.)

Senior: *points at teacher* “Hey, [Tour Leader], what kind of animal is that?”

(Cue 84 people going “OOOH” with much laughter from us and the students in that class. This is the story of how our school handed out almost 100 detentions in a single day.)

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