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An American Tale In Reverse

, , , | Working | September 18, 2020

I am a manager at a factory. A shipping container comes in from the USA, which is a regular enough occurrence that I leave it to the floor workers without too much trouble.

My radio goes off.

Me: “Go for [My Name].”

Floor Worker: “Uh… boss? It’s about that shipping container that just came in.”

Me: “Is there an issue?”

Floor Worker: “It was supposed to just be big bags of powdered milk…”

Me: “…and?”

Floor Worker: “Maybe you should come down and see.”

Incredibly curious, I head straight down. The shipping container is open, and a group of the guys has gathered around the door. They make room for me and I peer inside to see…

…a terrified cat.

Me: “How long was this container at sea?”

Floor Worker: “Two weeks.”

I spy one of the bags ripped open.

Me: “It survived on the powdered milk. You can’t make this s*** up!”

Eventually, we managed to coax the little guy out of there with some tuna – cliché, I know, but it was from someone’s sandwich for lunch. He seemed pretty resilient and was quite happy to hang around the factory, petted and fed by pretty much all the workers. He’s become a diligent rodent-hunter!

We named him Schrödinger.

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