An Alarming Wake-Up Routine

| Romantic | September 26, 2013

(The first time I spend the night at my boyfriend’s place, he makes me promise I will wake him up and get him out of the door in time for him to go to work. Come morning, his VERY LOUD alarm goes off, but doesn’t wake him up. I turn off the alarm, and start prodding and pushing and pulling him. Eventually, he turns me around, holds my wrists and pushes me into the mattress.)

Me: “…are you trying to hold me so that I can’t push you anymore?”

Boyfriend: “Hmr…”

Me: “Are you even awake?”

Boyfriend: “Hmr…”

(I try to struggle free, but he is much stronger than I am. It is now the time which he said he had to leave for work. Eventually, I resort to kicking his shin, which suddenly wakes him up.)

Boyfriend: “What did you do that for?!”

Me: “How on Earth do you wake up when I’m not here?!”

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