An Alarming Lack Of Proper Procedure

, | Working | April 10, 2014

(I work for a software development company. I put in a lot of overtime, and as such am usually the last to leave. On occasion, I will forget to execute a step in our end-of-day close-down procedure, whether that is setting the alarm, turning on the server A/C, etc. I usually get spoken to when this happens. I arrive this morning, and the following ensues.)

Boss: “[My Name], were you the last to leave last night?”

Me: “No, [Coworker] was. Why, what happened?”

Boss: “The alarm wasn’t set again last night.”

Me: “Oh…”

Boss: “I swear; we might have to take the keys off you guys.”

(15 minutes later, my coworker arrives.)

Boss: “[Coworker], were you the last one here last night?”

Coworker: “No, [Company CEO] was. Why?”

Boss: “Oh…”

Me: *maniacal laughter*

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