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An Alarming Lack Of Consideration

, , , , , | Learning | October 27, 2018

(I have classes that start before 9:30 am every weekday except Wednesday. My roommate has a nearly identical schedule, but his girlfriend who sleeps over often, even though she lives in a room by herself, does not. Lately, my alarms have not been going off, causing me to either be late for classes or miss them entirely. Since these are classes that relate to my major, I need to get good grades for these classes. One morning after waking up and being late for class again, I come back to my room to my roommate’s girlfriend waking up.)

Roomie’s Girl: “You need to stop letting your alarms go off so long.”

Me: “What? They haven’t even been going off.”

Roomie’s Girl: “Yeah, they have. I wake up every freaking morning and turn them off, because you can’t be bothered to wake up from them.”

Me: *instantly irritated* “YOU’RE TURNING MY ALARMS OFF?”

(It turned out my alarms had been going off, but only for a few seconds before she would turn them off. I don’t wake up right away, but it doesn’t take more than 30 seconds, often less. So, in her mind, turning off my alarms and NOT waking me up so that I could make my classes on time, so that she could sleep in, was acceptable. She is now prohibited to be in my roommate’s and my room or else she will be charged with disruption.)

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