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An Affront To Fashion

| Related | January 17, 2015

(My mom, my sister, and I are all at our local mall looking for a dress for my mom to wear to my sister’s wedding. For the most part, this involves me and my sister canvassing the racks for anything sparkly, blue or purple, or otherwise interesting, since we’re all well aware that some really pretty dresses look terrible on the rack and vice versa. The one Mom’s trying on right now is fitted through the bodice with a drape-y, cowl-like second layer on one side. It should also be noted that both the zipper and the tags are on the side on this particular dress.)

Mom: “So? What do you think?”

Sister: “I like the colour. And the fabric.”

Me: “It’s a little plain, but it would be very easy to dress it up.” *I twirl my finger, and she spins for us*

Mom: “I like it, except for this drape-y thing on the back.”

(My sister and I nod, totally agreeing, as a salesman passes by. He gives us an incredulous look before speaking in a tone that is trying very hard to be polite, despite his horror.)

Salesman: “Ma’am? The ruffle goes in the front.”

(Mom looks a little embarrassed, but gamely goes back into the changing room to turn it around. When she comes back out, both my sister and I try to stifle our giggles.)

Mom: *looks down at the front of the dress and speaks plaintively* “This is terrible. I think I liked it better backwards.”

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