An Action Gets A Beautiful Reaction

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At the beginning of my junior year honors chemistry class, my chemistry teacher lit the tabletop on fire. It was one of the best classes of that year. This story takes place before Christmas break. 

My high school raises money for a charity called Fish Family. We are broken up into groups by first hour, like English classes and such. My chemistry class was fifth hour, so it wasn’t part of the competition. But it was Christmas and we were all in the giving spirit, so we raised like 40 bucks in the first few days. But then, my chemistry teacher made our class an offer we couldn’t refuse. If we raised a hundred dollars, he’d shave his head.

A few days later, one student donated a few hundred dollars. The teacher waxed his head in class and made us mac and cheese from scratch. I was sick for the big day, so I didn’t get to see, and I’m still sad I missed it but it will remain one of my favorite junior memories.

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