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An Act Of Wonton Violence

, , , , | Working | January 24, 2020

(I am craving Rangoon, which is cream cheese and sometimes spices or meat, wrapped in a thin dough and fried. I go to a locally-owned restaurant I’ve never been to before. It could be Chinese-themed, but I am not sure. The menu says, “cream cheese wontons plate,” which is a very similar dish. Good enough, I figure. When I receive the order, instead of the delicious little treat I wanted, I’m given a plate of flat, fried dough, like a plate of homemade potato chips basically.)

Me: “Excuse me, I didn’t order chips. I ordered the wontons.”

Server: *walks away without answering or saying anything*

(A manager is sent over.)

Manager: *surprisingly aggressive* “What do you want?!”

Me: *startled, gesturing to the plate* “Uh, I ordered wontons, not chips.”

Manager: *raises his voice* “Well, too bad! Those are our wontons!” 

Me: *confused but getting tired of his attitude* “Uh, well, no, they’re not wontons. These are chips. Wontons have filling.”

Manager: *still unusually aggressive, and leaning over me as though to threaten or intimidate me* “Well, that’s how we do wontons! What now?!”

Me: *blunt, but speaking calmly and quietly* “You can’t sell fried duck made from chicken. This is the same. The menu said, ‘cream cheese wontons.’ Where is the cream cheese?”

Manager: *grabs the plate and slams it violently onto the ground, shattering it, then shrieks* “Well, now it’s not a problem!”

(He stormed into the kitchen and started shouting in another language. The lady at the cash register was apologetic and told me to leave without paying for either the “wontons” or my soda. A friend said that they used to make proper wontons and they didn’t know what the reason for the change could be. I haven’t been back since. The business is still there, shockingly, despite never having customers inside.)

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