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An Accident Waiting (And Waiting) To Happen

| Romantic | July 30, 2015

(My husband and I have been having a stressful few months, culminating in a particularly stressful move. We are not having a great time but we are trying to stay positive for each other. We are cooking dinner and I am chopping vegetables.)

Me: “Yelp.”

Husband: “What? What happened? Did you cut yourself?”

Me: “No I’m okay, I just scraped my fingernail with the knife and I startled myself. I’m fine.”

Husband: “Okay, be careful! Please don’t cut your finger off right now.”

Me: “Yeah, this wouldn’t be a good time to have an injury on top of everything else.”

Husband: “Yeah, babe, you can go to the emergency room as many times as you want in August, but this month is booked.”

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