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An Accentuated Impediment

| Friendly | November 8, 2016

(I have a speech impediment, and I do not pronounce certain letters correctly. However, people often mistake it for an accent. Sometimes I do get comments, but never something as outrageous as this.)

Me: *waiting in line*

Stranger: “Oh, hello? I’ve never seen you in this line before. What’s your name?”

Me: *pleasantly surprised* “Oh, hello! I’m [My Name]! What about you?”

Stranger: *gets angry and adopts a lame French accent* “Oui? Por speak Francis? *snickers* “Don’t try to put on a fake accent if you want to impress guys,. You end up making a fool out of yourself.”

Me: “It’s a speech impediment, not an accent, you a**!”

Stranger: *goes pale*

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