An Accented Teaching Style

| Learning | October 9, 2014

(One of the newest drama teachers is point-blank insane. I am having a conversation with classmates, all of who are from different classes of hers.)

Me: “What do you think about Miss [Teacher]?”

Classmate #1: “Oh, she’s really strict. The accent gets on my nerves, too.”

Me: “Really? She was really nice with our class.”

Classmate #2: “I thought she was a bit boring, but the accent was really nice. I love French accents.”

Classmate #3: “You know that’s a German accent, right? And how can you say she was boring. We played ice-breaking games all lesson!”

Me: “Actually, isn’t she from Purcos?”

Classmate #2: “Where?”

Me: “Purcos, it’s a region on the Belgian border.”

Classmate #2: *who is a geography nerd* “That place doesn’t actually exist though!”

Classmate #3: “I’m serious; she’s from some German republic! She told us and showed us pictures!”

(Our teacher had masqueraded as 19 different accents for each class, before suddenly turning Cockney after the Easter term. Five of these accents were from fake countries, cities, or regions. She also took a double history lesson because our regular teacher was off, and spent the first lesson teaching us about a time era that she later revealed was non-existent.)

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