An Absence Of Favors

| Working | March 9, 2015

(I work at a child care center and am the lead teacher for the younger toddlers. Every day my room has around 12 children between 16 and 24 months and is staffed with only two teachers. As such it can be incredibly chaotic much of the time. I am off one Friday due to a wedding and I am in the office when my coworker realizes she has been placed in my classroom in my absence.)

Coworker: “What?! Why am I in young toddlers on Friday?”

Me: “Oh, because I’m off on Friday, probably.”

Director: “I know [Coworker’s Older Toddler Son] can drive you crazy when you’re in his room, so I switched you into young toddlers that day to do you a favor.”

Me: “[Director], when is it EVER a favor to put someone in my room? That is the opposite of a favor.”

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