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An A-Salt Against An A-Grade

| Learning | May 19, 2014

(I’m a rather quiet person, but also a big prankster, which works to my advantage since it’s hard for people to tell when I’m joking. For one of our science tests we have to identify various compounds by looking at them through a microscope. Since it’s an unusual type of test, we’re allowed to confer with other students to make our identifications, and I decide to pull a prank by telling everyone that the sugar is actually salt.)

Classmate #1: “You’re sure it’s salt?”

Me: “Yeah, I’ve seen pictures of it under a microscope before.”

Classmate #2: “It looks like sugar to me…”

Me: “Trust me, it’s salt. I’m totally sure.”

Classmate #2: “Okay…”

(Eventually I overhear everyone identifying the sugar as salt. Skip ahead to the next week, after the test has been graded and we’re going over the answers…)

Teacher: “And number 21… was sugar. [My Name], you were the only one to get this one right.”

Me: *innocently* “Really?”

Classmate #2: “You said it was salt!”

Me: “You believed me!”

Classmate #2: “I could’ve gotten an A, no thanks to you!”

Teacher: “Hey, settle down. [My Name] has a point. In science, you don’t just take someone’s word for something. You test it and examine it for yourself.”

Me: “Cool! I was just playing a joke, but it ended up actually meaning something.”

Teacher: “Just don’t do it again.”

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