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An A-Malling Lack Of Empathy

, , , , | Right | December 20, 2019

(I am a cashier at a drugstore. We are five minutes past close and I am trying to clear a line of about ten people. We are attached to a mall, but when the mall closes one hour before us, they lock these doors; we have no key to open them.)

Seventh Customer In Line: “Where are your bathrooms?”

Me: “We actually don’t have any at the moment.”

(I then return to trying to quickly get through the line of customers.)

Seventh Customer In Line: “Just let me use the mall bathrooms; I’ll be quick.”

Me: “Sorry, we don’t have a key to those doors.”

Seventh Customer In Line: “What do you mean, you don’t have keys? You’re the one that locked them; now open them!”

Me: “Mall security locks them, not me.”

(The customer goes silent, I help a couple of people through, and she starts tapping her foot impatiently now.)

Seventh Customer In Line: “Oh, come on now, hurry! Hurry! I really gotta piss!”

Me: “I’m sorry, I am going as fast as I possibly can.”

(The customer steps out of line looking completely annoyed and yells up to me.)

Seventh Customer In Line: “I’ve pissed myself now! Are you happy? I pissed. My pants. Thanks a f****** lot!”

Me: “You’re welcome?”

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