Amar-gin Of Error

| Learning | February 24, 2015

(The language classes have combined for European Language Day. We have been told to learn a phrase about our current scheme of work that hasn’t come up in class, then tell everyone what we learnt.)

Student: “Quiero una novia, pero ella no debía estar [My Name].”

Me: “Oi!”

(I’m fuming, and the language teachers are practically dying of laughter.)

Student: *confused, like the rest of the pupils* “Woah, woah, what’s wrong? I’m trying to be nice…”

Me: “You’ve just said that you wanted a girlfriend, but it mustn’t be me!”

Student: “Oh, s***!”

(After he explained, while the class laughed at him, we agreed to try having a date. Being an above average linguist, needless to say, our date was a Spanish-tutoring session!)

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