Always Ticking Him Off

| Jacksonville, Fl, USA | Working | July 3, 2013

(My shift has just ended, so I’ve clocked out. As I am walking out the door, my manager stops me.)

Manager: “Where are you going?”

Me: “Home. You scheduled me until two.”

Manager: “You don’t clock out until I tell you to! Go clock back in so I can go to the bank.”

(I oblige and then go home when he returns. The next day, I’m scheduled until two again. This time, I wait for my manager to tell me to clock out.)

Manager: “[My name] what are you still doing here?”

Me: “Waiting for you to let me go.”

Manager: You’re scheduled to get off at two, so what the h*** are you waiting for? I’m not paying you any extra money for hours you’re not scheduled. Go home!”

(He tells me to clock out then heads to lunch)

Coworker: “Didn’t he tell you yesterday to wait for him to tell you to clock out?”

Me: “Is he always this stupid?”

Coworker: “Not typically. It seems you bring out the best in him.”

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