Always Right, Even When They’re At The Wrong Store

| Right | March 8, 2008

(I worked this job over a year ago and got plenty of peachy customers, this is one that sticks with you though…)

Customer: “I need to pick up my copy order.”

Me: “Sure thing, what’s the name on that?”

Customer: “*******, and it’s very important so it had better be right.”

(I proceed to the bins where we keep our completed orders and can’t find one, can’t find a work order sheet, and when I check our production log nothing has been checked in.)

Me: “Erm… Sir, are you sure this is the correct location? I seem to be having trouble finding this order…”

Customer: “Yea, I’m sure, my wife dropped it off here. You better get off your a** and find it!”

(So I keep looking over and over again. Neanwhile he’s still telling me off and using much less than appropriate language. My supply side manager had a bad night, so I was dead set on settling it myself.)

Me, again: “Sir, I’m not seeing it but I want to get your name again just to be sure.”

Customer: “You really are useless aren’t you? The name is *******, stupida**. I’ll even call my wife and she can confirm it for you!”

(I cross my arms and wait patiently for him to make his call. It’s little surprise to me when he pales a little and hangs up.)

Customer: “It’s at ****** Depot…BUT IT’S STILL YOUR FAULT THAT I DIDN’T KNOW THAT!”

*customer storms out*


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