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Also The Most At Risk Of Being Selfish

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I work in a small shop and I’m the only one working since my coworker has gone to lunch. I’m checking out a nice, older couple when I see one of our frustrating older regulars come in the door sans-mask. Masks have been mandated in my state for many months now and he’s been in before while the order has been in effect.

Me: “Hi, sir! I just ask that if you’re going to shop with us today, you put on a mask. Thanks!”

He grumbles a little but turns around to go back out to his car to get a mask. While he’s looking for his mask, I continue checking out the couple and continue to talk with them.

Older Lady: “He’s in an at-risk group, so he should be better about wearing a mask, shouldn’t he?”

Me: “Yeah, he’s a regular and gives me problems about masks every time he comes in.”

Older Lady: “It’s so frustrating when people don’t follow the science.”

Me: “I know. I mean, just look at the numbers here versus Georgia; we’re both mostly open, but there, the governor is refusing to let anyone make mask mandates and their numbers are much higher.”

Older Lady: “Exactly!”

I thank them for coming in and they leave as the other problem customer walks back in. He’s got a mask on but his nose is out. Deciding that I don’t really want to fight him on that until he’s actually within six feet of me, I don’t say anything. While he’s shopping, I check out a few other customers. My coworker comes back from lunch just as the regular comes up to the registers to check out. He says something to her, but she doesn’t quite catch it.

Coworker: “I’m sorry, what?”

Problem Customer: “I said all women look like Muslims with their masks on!”

With that, he comes up to my register and places his items on the counter.

Me: “Do you mind just pulling your mask up over your nose while I check you out, please? Thanks.”

Problem Customer: “I do mind! Last time I did that, I fell down two stairs because it fogged up my glasses!”

Both my coworker for the day and I wear glasses but I doubt he’s noticed. Just wanting to get him out of here, I start ringing up his items.

Problem Customer: “You know, the death rate is…”

Blah, blah, blah… I’m sure no one on the Internet needs reminding of the nonsense that people like this come up with, though it is shocking to hear it in real life. I keep trying to get a word in, but he keeps talking over me.

Me: “Well, no one knows what the long-term effects of this are going to be. There are some who’ve had symptoms for weeks.”

He keeps on going about all the usual nonsense about this particular illness versus the flu and so on. But he adds one last gem in there as I’m putting his purchase, change, and receipt on the counter where he can reach them.

Problem Customer: “You know, the masks are just the government controlling you!”

Me: *Pauses* “You’re all set.”

My responsibilities in cashing him out done, I walked quickly to the store’s back room so I didn’t say something that may get me fired.

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