Also Represented In This Equation: How Much I Care

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I am working the till at quite a large supermarket. I’m fed up with this job and I handed in my two-weeks’ notice earlier this week.

We have this loyalty point card that many people use. You get one point per two bucks spent in the store (excluding alcohol and tobacco, among other things) and one point is worth something around a cent.

I have this lady at my register buying a pack of candy or something like that. She insists on me scanning her loyalty card, which I do.

Lady: “How many points did I get for that?”

Me: “Zero points, sorry. You get one point for every two bucks spent.”

Lady: “Scan my loyalty card again!”

Me: “Okay.” *Scans the card* “Would you look at that!”

Lady: “What is it? How many points did I get?”

Me: “Zero points.”

Lady: “I want my points!”

She does not move an inch away from my register. A queue of people behind her are waiting, and of course, we’re short-staffed.

Me: “Okay, look. It’s kind of a secret, but I can multiply your points on this purchase by ten.”

Lady: “Nice. How many points do I get, then?”

Me: “Zero points. Zero times ten is zero. Please leave.”

I really love the time when you’ve handed in your two-weeks’ notice and don’t have to be nice anymore. What’s the store going to do? Fire me?

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