Alphabetting On Them

| Romantic | January 2, 2014

(I am a teacher in a small community. Many of the teachers get together frequently for movie or games nights. A new female teacher, whose last name begins with an ‘S’, has joined us. There are two other male teachers, whose last names start with ‘O’ and ‘U’, another female teacher, whose last name begins with ‘Z’, and myself, male, whose last name starts with ‘J’.”

Male Teacher ‘U’: “Let’s play spin the bottle and ask the person any question you want. [My Name] you go first.”

(I feel the bottle by rotating it back and forth a bit, before letting it go with a specific amount of force, hoping it will point to ‘S’, and it does.)

Me: “Is there someone in [Town] that you think is special?”

Female Teacher ‘S’: “Yes.”

Me: “Who is it?”

Female Teacher ‘S’: “Not answering that one.”

Me: “Is this person male?”

Female Teacher ‘S’: “Yes.”

Me: “Are they in this room?”

Female Teacher ‘S’: “Yes.”

Me: *thinking fast* “Does their last name start with a vowel?”

Female Teacher ‘S’: *without thinking* “No.”

Everyone Else: “Oooooh!”

(I end up with quite the grin and she realizes that she has just admitted she likes me.)

Me: “In that case, one last question: Will you come to my place for dinner on Saturday?”

(She did. We met in January, were engaged in May, and married in August. 14 years and a couple of kids later, we are still married.)

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