Almost Like You’re Speaking In (Promo) Code

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(I try to apply a 15% discount to a $200 online order using a promo code emailed to me by the company, but their website isn’t accepting the code. I ring the helpline and the sales lady says she will apply the discount when my order goes through. This takes place the next day, and I get the same sales lady on the phone.)

Me: “Hi. I believe I spoke to you yesterday. I rang about the promo code that your website wasn’t accepting?”

Sales Lady: *super friendly, singsong voice* “Yes! I’ve applied the discount to your order. Thank yooouuu! That’s all for today?”

Me: “Umm, no. I just checked and I was charged the full amount.”

Sales Lady: *instantly gets defensive and blunt* “No, you weren’t. It was a $200 order, with a $15 postage fee, and your discount was $15.”

Me: “That’s not right; the discount should have been for 15%.”

Sales Lady: “Yes, and I took 15% off, which was $15.”

Me: “15% of $200 isn’t $15.”

Sales Lady: “Oh, that’s right. The promotion was for $15 off, not 15% off.”

Me: “No, I’m looking at the email right now. It’s 15% off… Part of the promo code is literally ‘15%.’”

Sales Lady: *suddenly very friendly again* “Oh, right. Yes, that should be $30! Sorry! This order has already been paid for now, so I can only credit your account for $15.”

Me: “Okay, great. Thanks.”

(I guess that’s one way to ensure repeat customers!)

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