Allowed To Be Ticked Off

| Friendly | June 19, 2015

(My friends and I are playing Apples to Apples. In the game, you have green cards that contain adjectives, and the players all have red cards containing nouns, and the players have to put out a red card that we feel fits said adjective the best, and the one who played the best one gets the green card. The current green card has the word, “Scary”, and one of my friends is going over the red cards that were laid down.)

Friend: “‘Ticks’?! How are ticks scary?”

Me: “Considering where I once found one, ticks are scary.”

Friend: “Where did you find it?”

(I just look at him.)

Friend: *realization sets in* “Oh… Oh, god!”

(Needless to say, I got the green card with no argument from anyone.)

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