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“Allowed” Doesn’t Mean “Required”

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: GentleBreeze90 | September 29, 2021

I work in a UK electronics store — one of the smallest of this chain in the UK. Non-essential shops have been allowed to reopen; some opened straight away, but others have taken a slower approach to opening.

We’ve been preparing to open next week while on “click and collect” only for this week. The front of the store is plastered in posters stating we are currently closed. We have the door closed off with cones and warning tape. Nonetheless, people keep coming up to the door bemused that it’s not opening automatically.

I am outside doing a job that includes transporting sandbags, and as I am bringing two trolleys of bags into the store, I have to move the cones to clear my path to the door. For some reason, certain types of customers can hear the space between the two cones and home in on it. As I’m moving the bags inside, I see movement in my peripheral view. A guy is barreling toward the front door, staring straight ahead — the standard “I know I’m not supposed to do this, but if no one makes eye contact, I don’t have to stop” move. I step in front of him.

Me: “Hi, anything I can help you with?”

Customer: *Annoyed* “I hope so. I need a printer.”

He tries to continue walking forward, but I get in front of him again.

Me: “Sadly, the shop isn’t open for customers today; however, we are offering click and—”

Customer: *Annoyed again* “The government has said that you have to be open!”

Me: “Well, as I’ve said, we’re only open for click and—”

Customer: “This is unacceptable!”

He stormed off. I was mind blown about how he would have stormed into the store and argued about getting served despite our obviously not being open. Did he think we’d just cave if he argued hard enough?

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