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Allow Me To Deposit Some Reality Right Here, Part 2

, , , | Right | January 14, 2021

When people want to pay off their vehicle loans, there is a processing period if they pay by check before they can get their title. If someone is selling their vehicle to another person, they obviously want to have the title right then, which is only possible if they pay in cash. I have this conversation frequently when people ask when or how they will get their title.

Me: “If you pay by check, there will be a [time] processing period and then you will receive your title in the mail. If you pay by cash and let us know in advance, we can have the title ready for you same-day.”

Member: “Okay, so if I pay with a cashier’s check I can have it today?”

Me: *Pause* “No, a cashier’s check is a check.”

I realize “cash” is part of “cashier,” but you’d think the fact that “check” is an actual standalone word in the name would mean something!

Allow Me To Deposit Some Reality Right Here

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