The Infection Is Happily Spreading

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(My husband and I are having one of the worst nights of our lives. I won’t go into the full story, but it involves an argument, a broken-down car, and dealing with a parade of rude, inconsiderate people. We’re finally on our way home, around 1:00 am, and since neither of us have had dinner, I stop at a 24-hour fast food restaurant. There’s a sign on the drive-through speaker to pull through and order at the window, so I pull up. The girl who comes to the window looks to be in her early twenties, and she has the biggest, most sincere smile on her face.)

Cashier: “Well, good evening to you, folks! How are you doing tonight?”

Me: “Ha… Well… To be honest, it’s been a rough night, but it’s almost over.”

Cashier: “I’m sorry to hear that! Let’s get your order through so you can get home!”

(I order, and she has this incredible, cheerful attitude throughout the whole transaction. It’s kind of infectious, and I’m smiling, too, by the time we get our meal.)

Cashier: *hands us our food out the window* “Here you go, sweetie! I hope you get home safely and that tomorrow is much better for you!”

Me: *nearly crying from finally being around someone nice* “Thank you! You have a good night.”

(The next day, I am still thinking about that cashier, so I call the restaurant and ask for a manager.)

Manager: “Yes?” *sounding a little wary*

Me: *thinking he must be the one who handles complaint calls* “I just wanted to tell you that the cashier you had on the drive-through last night was wonderful!”

Manager: *surprised* “Oh? Well, thank you very much. Do you know their name?”

Me: “No, I didn’t think to ask her, but she looked college-age. We came through around 1:00 am and we had [order]. Maybe you could look up our transaction in the computer?”

Manager: “That’s very helpful; I’ll give that a try. And thank you for letting us know about her.”

Me: “Absolutely! We were having a terrible night, and she made it so much better.”

Manager: “Well, I’ll make sure she is rewarded for making our customers so happy!”

(It was a little thing, but that girl really was the bright spot in an otherwise completely horrible evening. I hope to run into her there again!)

Themed Roundup: Winter Is Coming

| Right | November 19, 2017
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The nights are getting longer, the temperature is dropping*, and it is safe to say… “winter is coming.” As a result, please enjoy a roundup of our Game Of Thrones themed stories from all categories of the site. Hopefully these will keep you going until the next season turns up in a couple of years! 


You Know Of Nothing Jon Snow – If no one in the show can get along, why expect the religions to as well?

Stark Raving Mad – Only trendy people drink wine… apparently.

All Little Girls Dream Of Their Red Wedding – The Lannisters send their regards before bed time…

These Protesters Are Totally Off The Wall – This is what you say next time you’re approached by a Jehovah’s Witness.

Got The Drogo Mojo – HBO means nudity; it is known.

HB-Woah – If you’re ever talking about anything screwed up, it’s probably because of Game Of Thrones.

A Cookie Monster Always Pays His Debts – It’s about a Game Of Thrones/Sesame Street crossover; do we need to say any more?

Births, Deaths, And Game-Of-Throne Marriages – Killing gets easier with each one, apparently.

Eaten Too Many Dothraki Horse Pies – Too much food makes you as big as the moon and the sky.

Forgetting The Date Can Have Dire(wolf) Consequences – When you rush the Game Of Thrones, you eat or you die.

Got any other funny experiences revolving around adventures in Westeros? Let us know in the comments, or submitting a story!


*To our readers from the southern hemisphere… just pretend.

Why Did This Customer Have To Fall Into Your Lap?

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(An elderly male customer walks up to my counter. I am 23 and female.)

Me: “Can I help you?”

Customer: “Are you the girl who gave me the lap-dance on my birthday?”

Me: “Um, I am most certainly not.”

Customer: “Do you want to be?”

Me: “Um… No.”


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(I love cats. I had two, and last summer my mother-in-law surprised me with a third one. She very adamantly wanted to find us a long-haired kitten, and ultimately adopted a little Maine Coon-mix girl… or so we thought. Because of “her” long hair concealing the, uh, back bits, we don’t notice “she” is a “he” until shortly before his first vet visit at six months. At the vet, we go through the standard first-time visit procedure, answering questions about his health, diet, behaviour, etc. We continuously catch ourselves referring to the cat as “she,” and explain the mix-up to the vet, thinking it’s a funny and probably somewhat common occurrence.)

Vet’s Assistant: “She’s trans.”

(We smile at that. She doesn’t smile back. She is dead serious.)

Vet’s Assistant: “No, I mean it. She’s trans.”

(It stopped being cute immediately and started to become concerning. How in the h*** do you get to be a veterinary assistant and still think that a cat has ANY idea about gender and transgenderism?!)

Thrifty With Love

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(My older sister and I have finished shopping at a thrift store and are waiting in line to check out. There are lots of families in the store, and soon there is an announcement over the store’s PA system.)

Store PA: “For safety reasons, children cannot be left unattended in the store. Please make sure your children are with you at all times.”

(While we wait, I’ve decided to look at the jewelry displays on the other side of the register counters. I am gone for maybe a minute, but out of the corner of my eye I notice my sister is already talking to someone, which isn’t that unusual, given how outgoing she is. She’s in her mid-20s and is talking with a man who looks to be in his 40s. When I return, I do not expect to hear the following.)

Random Man: “It’s important to keep up with the trends to look presentable. I have thousand-dollar suits, but this was too good a deal to pass up. I mean, eight dollars?” *holds up old-looking, yellow-ish and tan blazer* “One time, it was raining and I didn’t want to ruin my fancy shoes, so I wore grungy shoes—”

Sister: “And you brought the other pair to change into?”

Random Man: “No. But wearing those shoes turned out to be a mistake.”

(I’ve been silent, trying to figure out why she’s talking to him about work clothes. She suddenly turns to me.)

Sister: *in a louder, more excited voice* “I’m thinking about going back and buying that Super Truck video game.”

Me: *groaning* “Please, no. That game looked so stupid.”

Sister: *continues pointedly talking to only me* “Nah, it looked fun!”

(I get the feeling she’s trying to avoid talking to the man again, and we continue to chatter about video games until we reach the register. We pay quickly and dash out the door before he can follow us.)

Me: *Incredulous* “Was that man in a thrift store trying to hit on you by saying he has thousand-dollar suits?!”

Sister: “Yeah! I don’t know how I get all these random guys hitting on me! He was definitely way older than me and not that attractive. He just started talking about how he was going to get [the blazer] tailored.”

Me: *joking* “I should have known better. They clearly said not to leave your children unattended in the store, for safety reasons.”

Sister: *also joking* “Yeah, this is all your fault.”

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