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All Uniforms Look The Same To Customers

, , , , , | Right | February 23, 2022

I’m on my lunch break from work and decide to wander into the shop next door to get some sweets to share with my colleagues. As I’m browsing the aisle, someone approaches me.

Customer #1: “Hey, do you know if you’re going to get any more of the [Cleaner] in?”

Me: *Puzzled* “I don’t work here?”

Customer #1: “Oh, I’m so sorry!”

We laugh it off and he leaves. I turn back to the sweets and then someone else approaches.

Customer #2: “Hey, do you sell toilet paper?”

Me: *Very puzzled* “I don’t work here!”

Customer #2: “Oh, no. I’m sorry!”

I’m laughing now. I explain the other guy, and this guy starts laughing, too.

Customer #2: “I think I saw your uniform and went on autopilot.”

I look at my uniform: a black polo shirt with thin red and blue lines on the collar and sleeves with the company logo huge on the back. This shop’s staff wears blue with bright orange shoulder stripes.

Me: “Ironically enough, I do know where the toilet paper is.”

I pointed him on his way, got my sweets, and got out of there before anyone else thought I was staff!

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