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I was loading up my groceries after my weekly shopping trip. I was in the space behind my car, loading them into my trunk, when another car suddenly pulled up to pull into the space, immediately slamming on her horn.

Now, this was unusual, because the parking lot was half-empty. In point of fact, the spots on both sides of my car and both sides of the space I was standing in were all empty. There were also at least a dozen spaces further down the row, closer to the store, that were also all empty. So, this lady ignored all of those empty spots, deliberately drove up to the spot I was in, and then honked her horn at me.

No, I’m not playing that game. After glancing up at her and seeing her waving her arms at me, I turned around and went right back to loading my things into my trunk. She laid on her horn again and then leaned out the window.

Woman: “Ya need to move!”

Me: *Firing back* “You need to f*** all the way off!”

She jerked back like I’d walked over and slapped her. After a few moments of her just sitting there, she pulled back and then sped off down the row, fishtailing a bit as she went, before sloppily pulling into one of the spaces further down the way. She climbed out of her car, hiked up her purse, and then turned as if to stomp over toward me.

However, she immediately spotted me pushing my cart toward her. In truth, I’d finished loading up and was pushing my cart over to the return stall, which just happened to be in the direction of her car. The moment she made eye contact with me and saw me approaching, she practically tripped over herself spinning around and scurrying toward the store.

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