All The Nuggets In The World

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(I’m working drive-thru at the first window, taking cash and taking orders on the second lane. When a customer pulls into my lane, it beeps twice every second until I answer. It’s our policy to answer in less than three beeps.)

Customer: *pulls up in the middle of lunch rush*

Me: “Hi! Welcome to [Fast Food Restaurant]? How can I help you?”

Customer: “You know, some people like to have a minute or two when they pull up, instead of being rudely bothered by you guys while they’re thinking.”

(If you don’t know what you want when you pull up, go inside.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. Take your time.”

(He takes a couple of minutes and then is ready to order.)

Customer:Now I know what I’m going to get.”

Me: “All right, what can I get you?”

Customer: “Ten [chicken sandwiches], ten [burgers], two twenty-piece nuggets, and half a dozen large fries.”

Me: *amazed that someone would order that during lunch rush* “All right, sir, since that order is over $50, I need to get a manager’s approval. It’ll be just a second.”

Customer: “That’s okay; it’s only money. I have $1800 in my left pocket.”

(My manager comes over and approves the total.)

Me: “Will that be all today?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “Your total is $57.84 at your first window, please.”

(After I sit through a few minutes of dread, the customer comes around to the window. I confirm the order and he gives me a $100 bill.)

Me: “All right, sir, since this is a $100, I need a manager to complete the transaction. It’ll be just a second.”

(A manager comes over and enters his code into the point-of-sale system.)

Customer: “Yeah, when I go to the bank, they don’t give me tens or twenties; they give me hundreds. I’m a Massachusetts contractor. I get thousands of dollars per check.”

Me: “That’s nice, sir.”

(He ended up being parked for five or ten minutes waiting for his food, and I hopefully won’t ever see him again.)

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