All That Blood Will Probably Make Their Value Even Lower

, , , | Right | December 1, 2020

The comic shop I work at will buy and trade for comics and cards, including sports-related cards. I handle a lot of the trade-ins since I am familiar with the system we use for rarity and pricing. I am a teenage girl, so I can get some… difficult customers sometimes.

A man in his late forties or early fifties comes in with several boxes of sealed baseball card sets, wanting to either sell them to us or online. He starts putting them on the trading counter, and I start looking up prices.

Me: “Okay, so we have four sealed sets of Fleer and Topps 1989 to 1993 sets. Let me see what we can offer you for them.”

I am not familiar with sports card pricing, but it becomes apparent very quickly that the cards are worth little more than what he originally paid for them when they came out. I write down the offer and hand it to him.

Me: “So, it looks like we can offer you about ninety-five dollars for all four.”

Customer: “Ninety-five dollars each? That’s kind of lowballing me isn’t it?”

Me: “No, sir. Ninety-five dollars total.”

Customer: “Now that is a ripoff! I paid more than that when I bought them!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but according to our system, that is what their current value is. Let me see if I can find out why.”

Looking into it, I see that the reason the sets he has are so devalued is because they were massively overproduced, which tanked their value as collector items. I relay the information to the customer, who has turned an angry tomato shade of red.

Customer: “This cheating store can go f*** itself!”

He slams his hands down on the glass counter, shattering it. I feel some small pieces fly into my cheeks, cutting me. His clenched hands are both bleeding from numerous cuts. Without another word, he simply walks out, bleeding all over our carpet and door as he left.

Me: “I… Sir, your cards…”

We still have them. They’re great for propping the door open when it gets hot.

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