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All Teh Chimken Are Belong To Kitten

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Clara was a cat that belonged to a coworker in the hotel where I used to work. 

I love animals, and I noticed that she went hunting for her food herself, so anytime Clara was around and I had food, we shared. Everyone else served her on the floor, but I fed her from my hands, provided that she sat first. 

I got ill and mandated someone else to feed her while I was gone. By the time I got back, Clara had lost her training. It was harder than the first time I got her to figure out she needed to sit to get the treat. 

I know dealing with animals requires patience, so I was patient. After a while, she tried to snatch the food aggressively from my hands, and in anger, I screamed and ate the piece of chicken. 

Clara had a look of disbelief. I mean, her face mirrored the human jaw-dropped shocked look.

I took the next piece and slowly brought it to my mouth. She meowed out a scream and sat down almost immediately. Man, I laughed so hard. I kept her seated for a minute before letting her have the chicken.

I miss her.

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