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All Signs Point Towards A Long Day

, , , | Right | September 28, 2018

(I’m in the IT department. We’ve recently switched to a new, notoriously incompetent ISP as a result of some ridiculous bureaucracy, and the first day of being switched over has resulted in a county-wide Internet outage. The staff has access to an emergency Internet connection to continue working, but the entire lab — the library’s most widely-used feature — is out of commission. When I arrive at work that morning, right as the library is opening, there is a sign stating this on the front door. There is also a sign on all the stairwell doors, and one in the elevator as I ride up.)

Supervisor: “Hey, [My Name], the Internet—”

Me: “Yep, saw the signs.”

Supervisor: “Yeah. Come on down to the reference desk so we can get them on the emergency network, at least.”

Me: “You got it.”

(The reference desk is where patrons can check out computers in the lab. We head down through the staff elevator. There’s another sign announcing the lab’s closure on a stand near the main elevator, and two more posted on both doors leading to the lab. The self-checkout station also has a sign posted on it.)

Me: *jokingly* “Wonder how many people are going to ask if the lab’s open today.”

Supervisor: “What? We’ve got like thirty signs posted.”

Me: “Mm, well…”

(We quickly get the reference librarians back online. As I’m standing up from where I’ve been kneeling under the desk, a notepad catches my eye, and I crack up.)

Me: “[Supervisor], check this out.”

(The page has the title, “People who ignored the signs,” with a running tally below it.)

Supervisor: “You must be kidding me. How many are on there?”

Me: “Upwards of fifteen.”

(We hadn’t even been open a full hour yet.)

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