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All Rent Out Of Shape

, , , , | Working | May 29, 2018

(I am 18 and moving three hours away to work at my grandpa’s business for a year before going overseas for University and then coming back to work at Grandpa’s. I am buying an apartment, and planning to have it rented out while I’m overseas. Therefore, it will be easier to have the apartment in both my name and my mum’s, so she can handle tenants.)

Agent: “So, you want to buy and then list it for rent?”

Me: “Buy it now. But we’re not renting it out right now; we want to list it available for rent a year later.”

Agent: “So, you don’t want to list it for rent? Why are you asking about renting?”

Me: “I’m asking about renting because we do want to have it rented out later.”

Agent: “So, you want to list it for rent, but tell potential tenants they can move in next year?”

Me: “No, we are not listing it for rent now. We are asking about the process of listing for rent so we can list it later.”

Agent: “Do you want to list it for rent or not?”

Me: “Forget it. We are going to just buy now. No rent.”

Agent: “All right. Just buy. No wonder you need your mom on the deed, as well; you’re clueless.”

Me: “…”

Agent: “Ask your mom to come back and confirm things. Don’t come alone next time.”

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