All Relationships Have Fights

| Romantic | August 19, 2013

(My best friend and her boyfriend are over with me at my boyfriend’s apartment. My best friend and I have decided to play Mortal Kombat on my boyfriend’s Xbox. We’re having a blast, button mashing, and watching in awe as almost all the attacks are aimed at the genitals.)

Best Friend: “I really want to learn Sindel’s kill attack, because she basically destroys your vagina!”

Me: “What about Jade? She basically shoves a pole into your crotch.”

My Boyfriend: “Wait… you know their names now? This has to stop.”

Best Friend’s Boyfriend: “Yeah, girls aren’t supposed to know this much about video games. Stop. You’re scaring us.”

Me: “Well then you never should’ve given us the controllers!”

(We immediately go back to vagina punching and screaming insults, while our boyfriends just watch in awe.)

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