All ‘Out’ In The Open

| Romantic | January 1, 2016

(I have just turned 18 and been secretly seeing my girlfriend, who is also my best friend, for a few months. I’m a girl and am not out to my family at all. My mum suggests that I invite her over for a sleepover and then realises that she and my dad are going out that same night. We take the opportunity to have sex for the first time and we’re both naked in the hallway when my parents return. My mum walks in first.)

Mum: “Hey, we’re home!” *walks into the kitchen*

Me: *to my girlfriend* “S***! I don’t think she saw us. Quick, hide!”

(Mum walks back out of the kitchen and catches us naked, sweaty, and with messed up hair. You could tell from the look on her face she’s worked things out pretty quickly.)

Me: “Umm, hi, Mum. I’m gay.”

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