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All Men Must Drive

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I have just arrived in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and am on a bus from the airport to the old town with a bunch of tourists. The town is famous (among other things) for being the filming location of King’s Landing for the show “Game Of Thrones”, so a lot of tourists come here for that reason.

I overhear a phone call between a young American fellow and his mother back in the States. It seems like this is his first trip abroad and his mother is worrying.

Passenger: “Yes, I am on the shuttle bus to the airport now.”


Passenger: “No, a bus. Just a regular bus.”


Passenger: “No, Mom, I told you! It’s a regular bus, with wheels and— What? Yes, it’s a real road! Like a normal highway!”


Passenger: “You know I’m not literally going to Westeros, right?”


Passenger: “Yes, they do have Wi-Fi.”


Passenger: “Because this is 2022, and they have electricity, and democracy, and TikTok.”

Question of the Week

What is the most stupid reason a customer has asked to see your manager?

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