All Manner(less) Of Callers

| Related | October 19, 2016

(After reading a Not Always Working post about getting rid of telemarketers, my friend and I can’t wait to try it out. We use it the first few times and it goes well. The next time my friend answers the phone though, this happens.)

Friend: “Thank you for calling Dirty Dan’s house of hookers. You’ve got the dough; we’ve got the blow. Can I help you?”

(Listens and his face goes white.)

Friend: “Oh, hi, Grandma. How are you?”

(Listens again.)

Friend: “No, there’s nothing weird going on here. We were just having a little fun, you know?”

(Listens again.)

Friend: “Oh, yes, my parents taught me phone manners. It’s just non-manners day in this house.”

(Listens again.)

Friend: “Uh, yeah, I understand. Can I let you talk to mom?”

(That was the last time we used that greeting.)

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