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All Family Are Equal, But Some Are More Family Than Others

, , | Related | January 17, 2019

(My aunt, my mother’s sister, is a childless woman who has never married. She consequently spends her time telling my mother how to raise HER children. I have just had my first child and named her. We didn’t choose the name for family reasons, but it happens to be the name of my father’s great-grandmother as well.)

Aunt: “I don’t know why all you kids are picking all these new names. Aren’t there any good names on the family tree for you?”

Me: “We really liked this name, and it’s also a character in [piece of classic American literature], and we really admire the character.”

Aunt: “But it has no family value. No respect for family. None of you kids have any respect for family values.”

(Irrelevant, but between me and my siblings, we have nine kids, not including this one, and every single one of them has some kind of a nod to a family member in either their first or middle name.)

Me: “Well, if we’re being technical, my dad’s mother’s grandmother was named [Name].”

Aunt: “That’s not family. That’s your dad’s family.”