All Dressed Up With No One To Go With

| Friendly | May 6, 2014

(My fiancé and I, after being an established couple for several years, have finally set a date for our wedding, about a month from the time of this story. I am alone in the bridal area of a large department store, though I have sent pictures to my mom, sister, and several girlfriends for their opinion. I’ve just tried on a fabulous dress and walk back out into the retail area to think about whether I want to buy it or not. I am carrying the dress over one arm, since it is not long. I start looking at jewelry. An older woman comes up and starts talking to me.)

Woman: “That’s a lovely dress! Are you going to buy it!”

Me: “I’m thinking about it.”

Woman: “Is that for… your wedding?”

Me: “Yes, it is.”

Woman: “But you’re alone!”

Me: “Well, it didn’t seem worth having them come visit when they’ll just have to come back in a month for the wedding.”

Woman: “You’re getting married in a month?!” *calls to the sales clerk* “This woman is getting married in a month! She needs your help! You should hang this dress up!”

Me: “I’m fine, really…”

Woman: “Oh, this necklace would look lovely!”

(I finally put the woman off by saying that I’ll likely wear something heirloom from my grandmother, and tell the sales clerk I’m ready to buy the dress. We walk over to a register.)

Me: “I didn’t want to be rude to her, but I’m really not comfortable with that sort of thing…”

Sales Clerk: “Wait, you mean she wasn’t with you?”

Me: “No, she just came up to me and was astonished that I was shopping alone. I really hate this sort of thing. I don’t mind having come out by myself. I was texting everyone and they all thought the dress looked great.”

Sales Clerk: “I thought she was your mother, or something…”

Me: *sighs* “No, complete stranger.”

(For the record, the necklace I wore was a gift from my mother-in-law.)

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