All Dolled Up

| Romantic | December 19, 2012

(I’ve been collecting ball-jointed dolls for about a year. My newest doll is out having her face painted. The artist has asked what color I want for the eye liner, and I decide to ask my husband for his opinion. I show him an in-progress picture of how the doll looks so far.)

Me: “Hey, I know you’re not much into my dolls, but what color eye liner do you think she should have? Black or something more purple to go with the colors she already has?”

Husband: *wrinkles nose* “Less is more.”

Me: “What?”

Husband: “She has too much make up on.”

Me: “Well, she’s a dancer, so I wanted her to have a more theatrical look.”

Husband: “Why is she a dancer?”

Me: “Because… I want her to be?”

Husband: “But is that what she wants to be?! This is our child! Let her decide what she wants to be! Stop trying to force her into things!”

Me: “…I think I’ll just go with black.”

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