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All Cats Are Equally Evil (And Adorable)

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On my fifth date with my new girlfriend, she’s invited me back to her house for the first time. Since my parents are highly superstitious, they instilled a lot of irrational fears in me as I was growing up that I’ve had to work hard to dispel. I haven’t yet fully rid myself of the idea that black cats are evil.

She invites me in, we settle on the couch, and what do I see but a black cat, perched on top of the bookshelf. Knowing that if I make her choose between me and the cat, I’ll lose, I try to deal with it, but after a few minutes, it’s obvious that I’m nervous and uncomfortable. My girlfriend extracts the reason why.

She then goes over, picks up the cat, brings it over, and sets it on my lap. The cat curls up and starts purring. As it turns out, my girlfriend adopted the cat from a shelter after it was abandoned by its former owners, and as a result, the cat loves its humans and is very clingy, worried it will be abandoned again. 

It takes about three more trips over before I decide once and for all that my parents are morons and black cats are awesome. It’s very hard to dislike a purring furball that snuggles up on your chest and rubs its face against your cheek. It’s been three years since I met the cat, and I’m now engaged to the cat’s fellow pet human.

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