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All Bad Things

| Learning | August 19, 2014

(For as long as I can remember I’ve been a Trekkie. I am in high school when ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ is in its final season. The day after the final episode, I’m approached by the school bully. I brace myself for his usual barrage of insults.)

Bully: “Hey, it’s the big fat Trekkie. Let me guess, you watched the final episode last night.”

Me: “Of course I did.”

Bully: “And because you’re such a HUGE Trekkie, I’m guessing you taped it so you can watch it over and over again.”

Me: “Yeah. So?”

(He looks around to make sure none of his clique are within earshot, and then leans in close.)

Bully: “Dude. I missed it. Can I borrow it?”

Me: “What?”

Bully: “Yeah, man. I love that show but I was doing other stuff last night. So, please, help a Trekkie out. Can I borrow it?”

Me: “After everything you’ve done to me? No way!”

(Sadness washes over his face as regains his bully composure.)

Bully: “Whatever, man. Star Trek’s stupid anyway.”

(I swear I heard him sniffle a little bit as he walked away.)

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